At Claudia Giselle Design, we embrace the whole person—mind and body. Trust is vital to a healthy relationship, and all our client relationships are built on a foundation of full transparency.

Our interior designs express the desire for individuals to live healthy, happy lives in environments that support their needs and nurture their aspirations. Whether it's for a business or a home, our approach remains consistent. We treat each client as an individual by listening deeply, shaping their interior design into an expression of their values.

During the execution phase of every project, we utilize our creative resources, high-caliber trade professionals, premiere materials, and advanced technology to deliver excellence, efficiency, and, above all, a human touch—all within the specified time and budget.

Listening and Trust are Our Strong Suits

Claudia Tejeda

Human-Centric Design:
Where People Come First.

founder & Principal designer

Claudia Giselle Design is more than just a design firm; it's a testament to Claudia's unwavering belief in the power of design to transform lives. Her personal journey, fraught with the challenges of severe migraines and allergies, serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact that interior environments can have on our physical and emotional wellbeing.

As a Certified Interior Designer, Claudia intimately understands the intricate relationship between our surroundings and our health. This profound insight fuels her relentless pursuit of spaces that not only meet functional needs but also nurture the very essence of our being. With every project, Claudia and her team channel this understanding into spaces that transcend mere aesthetics, creating havens that rejuvenate the body, soothe the soul, and inspire the mind.

In a world where the majority of our time is spent indoors, Claudia's dedication takes on even greater significance. Recognizing the pivotal role that our environments play in shaping our lives, Claudia and her team are on a mission to revolutionize interior design. Their commitment to crafting spaces that serve as sanctuaries—places of refuge and renewal—remains unwavering. Because at Claudia Giselle Design, it's not just about creating beautiful spaces; it's about crafting environments that empower and uplift every individual who enters them.

Carole P.
New York city

"This is my home. It reflects who I am, what Claudia and I discussed at great length."


"Claudia is trained in architecture so she looks at the whole structure and what it suggests in terms of the division of space and what you can do that’s going to look not forced, but rather, organic."



Trust and respect are vital to healthy client relationships but equally crucial within our company. Claudia Giselle Design is a highly creative and professional team whose mission is to provide the best personalized interior design services for our clients. As a team, we collaborate to achieve the best possible results. A positive attitude is critical for the success of any project, and we cultivate positivity each and every day. Our work ethic is fierce. We are extremely hardworking, dedicated, loyal, and always go above and beyond to exceed clients' expectations. We love our work deeply, and nothing brings us greater satisfaction than seeing our clients happy with the results.

Westchester Home Design Awards


Claudia Giselle Tejeda at the
Westchester Home Design Awards 
with Master of Ceremonies, Vicente Wolf

Westchester Home Design Awards 

1ST PLACE Whole Room Integration
Vision Design Competition

WINNER Upper East Side
Prewar Lobby Design Competition