Wellness & Interior Design

Luxury is an Experience

Claudia understands that luxury is not about something you buy or its cost; it's about experience. No matter the size of your renovation, our interior designs deliver high-quality, luxury experiences. What's your vision of luxury? Claudia will help you achieve it. Read how our interior designs enrich our clients' lives. 

Claudia's Personal Journey of Wellness

Claudia's pursuit of wellness in design is more than just a buzzword. For her, it's been a lifelong journey of cultivating health and wellbeing as a response to severe migraines and allergies. As an interior designer, Claudia understands the impact of the interior environment on our health and our quality of life, and this understanding informs her approach to design. Most people spend 87% of their lives indoors. For Claudia, luxurious interior design supports health and wellbeing, for body and mind. 

A People-First, Holistic Approach to Interior Design

Claudia's approach to interior design is holistic. And it starts with listening to people. Ask yourself: What are my needs and wants? What excites me? How do I want to feel? Do I want to live my best life? Claudia listens with an open heart and with no judgement, and she translates what you share with her into high-quality interior renovations designed to celebrate your best life. You deserve it.

Carole P., New York city

"This is my home. It reflects who I am, what Claudia and I discussed at great length."

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founder & Principal designer, NCIDQ, CID



Humans First,
Designers Second.

If there is anything to know about Claudia Giselle Design, it is that you are welcome and valued as our client. Forgive us for stating the obvious, but regardless of your background, race, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation or lifestyle, we are excited and eager to design the perfect interior for your home and business.


Passionate about education, Claudia regards herself as a lifelong student, and she also loves to share her knowledge and experience. Claudia currently teaches interior design at New York School of Interior Design, New York, NY. 

Claudia Tejeda served on both the International Board of Directors (2013 to 2015) and New York Chapter Board of Directors (2009- to 2015), where she was Vice President of Membership, for the International Furnishings and Design Association (IFDA). In 2012, she was elected the youngest-ever President in the then 65-year history of the IFDA New York chapter.

Claudia is a New York state Certified Interior Designer (CID) and NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer. She received a double bachelor’s degree with honors in Advertising and Communications from Syracuse University, and Interior Design degree from New York School of Interior Design.

Claudia is fluent in English and Spanish. 




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